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The ASCENT Project Website and 3D App Launch in Reykjavik, Iceland

admin - November 21, 2018 - 0 comments

The ASCENT project website and a mapping application using 3D technology, were recently launched in Reykjavik, Iceland by chairperson of the ASCENT Steering Committee meeting and Director of Service for the lead partner Donegal County Council, Mr Liam Ward.

The vision for the website was to be innovative and dynamic with the objectives to create a heightened awareness of the ASCENT project, its partners and seven project sites, to communicate clearly to the target audience the measures implemented in response to the environmental challenges and to inform the relevant stakeholders and local communities of the activities undertaken.



Mr Liam Ward stated that ‘vision and objectives have been achieved with the development of this rich media led website, which clearly conveys the high conservation value of all seven project sites in uplands and natural areas; through the medium of interactive maps, images, drone footage and videos. Importantly the website is an invitation to the public to continue the ASCENT work into the future by becoming aware and accessing the areas of natural beauty in a more mindful manner’. is the main platform to publicise information and ASCENT related activities over the project’s three year duration and will be updated frequently by the project team with provision to grow organically over time thus ensuring a lasting post project legacy.

Rosita Mahony, the Project Co-ordinator in Donegal County Council, further explained that Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is the enabling technology to help plan, analyse, design and manage the upland areas and natural environments sustainably. ‘In addition, the website hosts a gallery of maps to support much of the project’s research, which culminated in the development of a mapping application using cutting edge 3D technology. This application is accessible at and allows users to explore 3700 vertical metres in seven project sites across five countries.’


ASCENT is funded by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme (2014 – 2020) under Interreg VB and the European Regional Development Fund under Programme Axis 4, Objective 4, which seeks to increase the capacity of remote and sparsely populated communities for sustainable environmental management.