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Increase knowledge and share learning across the partner regions to benefit local communities for the development of Upland Path Management Policy.



Maintain, Protect and Conserve natural resources by designing measures for balancing tourism, cultural and economic interests with environmental.



Collaborate with stakeholders in piloting new concepts and innovative solutions for the long term sustainable environmental management.



Exploring the use of GIS technology to model use and assess impacts over time.


The Ascent Trialling Project Work

ASCENT collaborates with stakeholders in piloting new concepts and innovative solutions.

The ASCENT project then introduces appropriate site specific initiatives and mitigation measures. By creating living laboratory situations and working with path management experts, a skilled flexible team is trained in low impact and innovative techniques, to achieve genuine sustainable landscape management.

Collaboration with key user and stakeholders in trialling measures ensures a raised awareness of the high conservation value of each site and provides a post project legacy which can be taken forward and applied by local, regional, national and international authorities.

An emphasis in exploring ICT lends its way to Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for more participatory based survey methods and monitoring change over time.

Project Output

5 Trialled action reports in each region

(Available Summer 2019)