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Increase knowledge and share learning across the partner regions to benefit local communities for the development of Upland Path Management Policy.



Maintain, protect and conserve natural resources by designing measures for balancing tourism, cultural and economic interests with environmental.



Collaborate with stakeholders in piloting new concepts and innovative solutions for the long term sustainable environmental management.



Exploring the use of GIS technology to model use and assess impacts over time.


The Ascent Designing Project Work

ASCENT maintains, protects and conserves our Natural Resources

Drawing upon the lessons learned, the key focus is then to maintain, protect and conserve our Natural Resources and design solutions as a method to mitigate habitat damage, thus generating a post project legacy and management capacity to address ongoing needs and environmental challenges.

ASCENT will develop management plans across the programme area to assist Local and Environmental Authorities, local communities and stakeholders to monitor these sites and implement innovative measures to ensure their economic and environmental management.

Standardised methods for assessment of upland path conditions is supplemented with an educational programme and the development of monitoring indicators of sustainability which can be applied / translated across partner regions.

Project Output

5 Sustainable Management Toolkits to explore new concepts for balancing tourism, cultural and economic interests with environmental needs.

(Available Summer 2019)