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Increase knowledge and share learning across the partner regions to benefit local communities for the development of Upland Path Management Policy.



Maintain, protect and conserve natural resources by designing measures for balancing tourism, cultural and economic interests with environmental.



Collaborate with stakeholders in piloting new concepts and innovative solutions for the long term sustainable environmental management.



Exploring the use of GIS technology to model use and assess impacts over time.


The Ascent Learning Project Work

ASCENT builds knowledge and skills across the partnership

How best to manage upland areas and natural environments responsibly in central to the ‘Learn’ element. This continues to flourish as the team engage in a constant policy of exchanging experiences through site visits, seminars and expert input. By applying the teacher:learner principle, regions impart and share knowledge, while exchange visits measure and monitor the impact of unregulated access, establishing habitat damage and recommended restoration needs.

In conjunction with our partners and stakeholders the ASCENT team will build international capacity in path management and develop guiding principles for the development of Upland Path Management Policy

The project improves knowledge, management capacity and skills to deal with issues that arise in relation to unregulated access to sites of environmental importance.

Project Output

A Research Report documenting upland path management approaches contributing to enhanced knowledge and appreciation of issues affecting sites.

(Available Spring 2019)