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What we do



The Project Approach

In an effort to design practical solutions and to trial new initiatives and concepts  for sustainable environmental management.

Since its inception in 2016, ASCENT has undertaken extensive research to identify and develop responses to the challenges of managing these precious resources.

This website is a collation of that research and an invitation to the public to continue this work into the future by becoming aware and accessing the areas of natural beauty in a more mindful manner.

The facts are undeniable and a series of solutions must be found.  As a result of extensive research on the impact of unregulated access to our uplands, ASCENT partners have established that the environmental damage to some of these sites is significant and indeed, that access at current levels is unsustainable.

With the problem now identified we embark on offering the solutions. Identifying the damage to the habitat is the first point of establishing the affected areas restoration needs as well as how we best deliver them.

Our aim with this project is to facilitate a sustainable process by sharing international learning and development across the seven sites, rippling through the respective local communities. Using expert approach, practical design measures are being put in place to ensure sustainable environmental management. These in turn are facilitated by trialling site appropriate initiatives and exploring new concepts while all the time following best practice.

Project Objectives


Undertaking international learning and knowledge exchange and transfer across the partner regions


Designing solutions and interventions for sustainable environmental management.


Trialling of practical initiatives for sustainable environmental management


Mapping the results of the project